Monday, March 28, 2011

"Salvation Song" by the Avett Brothers

Life has been busy, and i really haven't had a lot of time consistent blocks of time to listen to good music or to write.  There are still a lot of albums that have come out recently that I need to pick-up.  This week I will definitely get one of the albums on my list. Most of the time a SOTD will come out of music that I am already listening to and for some reason it just feels write on that given day.  Today I was just reading and checking my email in the wonderful Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea and the line from Salvation Song that says "And they may pay us off in fame though that is not why we came, and if it compromises truth then we will go."

I've said to lots of people in the last few years that the Avett Brothers are writing the best music being made right now.  The lyrics they write are transparent and moving, and when they perform there is an electricity that fills the air with every song.  Im not southern, and I've never been to a "family reunion," but when I'm at an Avett Brothers show I feel like I'm at a big southern family reunion where a couple of cousins broke out there guitars and banjos and everyone started jamming.  The Bros just have this effect on a crowd that people of all different ages are just stomping their feet and singing along.  

Salvation Song comes across to me like a mission statement for the Avett Brothers.  When you hear the song they lay it right out there and say that they came for salvation, families, breaking the bad, and cheering the sad.   The song is is full of great lines, and while lots of their music lets you see experiences the Brothers have had, this song gives you insight into who they want to be as a band.  Give this song a shot, and please give the Avett brothers a shot if you haven't already.  Salvation Song is track number 18 on their 2004 album Mignonette.  The album has a lot of awesome tracks like "Swept Away," "Pretty Girl From Cedar Lane," and  "Complainte D'Un Matelot Mourant" ("Lament of a Dying Sailor").  This album is a couple albums before the Avett Brothers really broke out nationally with Emotionalism in 2007.  

I hope you enjoy the video, I think it does a great job at displaying their showmanship and incredible energy.  I love the way the video ends with the Bob lightly plucking the bass, Scott tapping on the high hat, and the trios powerful vocals shining through.  Buy tickets for the Pittsburgh show on May 27th, you wont regret it.

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  1. The Avett Brothers shows do resemble a huge family. Everyone is smiling, happy, friendly. When everybody in the crowd is moving and singing together there is this overwhelming feeling of true connection with your fellow human spirits. That feeling of knowing you are in the exact right place in that moment. The combination of their true brotherly bond, lyrics, instruments, and explozive energy are what makes them stand out. I can't wait till May! I can not wait for the next Avett Brothers experience!