Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Be Set Free" by Langhorne Slim

Something about the sun is encouraging.  Days like yesterday where the sun never quite makes it out of the clouds and it looks like it might rain all day can be a little gloomy or depressing.  Today is not like that at all.  As I look out the beautiful view from my living room, and get ready to quit typing and go walk my dog, I realized how freeing and life giving it is to be in the light.  In that moment I started thinking about a good song to listen to while I go for a walk and remembered "Be Set Free" by Langhorne Slim.  The line that popped in to my head was, "When the light is on your side, love reveals itself to thee." 

Langhorne Slim is a folk artist that comes from the northern suburbs of Philadelphia.  He has music releases dating back to 1999, but his popularity has come in recent years as part of the neo-folk Americana sound that is big right now. Langhorne reminds me a lot of Cat Stevens in the sound of his voice and in the lyrics that show a searching for something greater in life.  Today is a good day to listen to Langhorne Slim.  They have a lot of depth in their lyrics, and at the same time when you watch them play it is clear that these are fun loving goofy guys.

You can see a live version of just Langhorne playing "Be Set Free" here...

What is your song of the day?

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